How to Install an Effective Office Contactless Access System?

It is important not to confuse office contactless access with working time control. Access control allows an individual to access a secure area, for the sole purpose of risk prevention, unlike the control of working time, which is more of a human resources issue.

Whatever system is put in place, it should not be used to control movement within the premises.

The objectives of contactless solution for hotel and office are multiple:

  • Control and limit entry to buildings to authorized persons only
  • Protect and secure sensitive or confidential areas
  • Know the occupants of a building in real time in an emergency

Beyond the initial access control function, thanks to its digitization, it is now possible to add value to welcome visitors authorized to enter the specified area during a scheduled meeting.

As physical media are dematerialized, the limits are lifted as to the preparation of access before the appointment for an early and serene visit.
This is where dematerialization takes on its full meaning: the confirmation of an appointment automatically generates the associated accesses without human intervention. This allows visitors to be supported by removing all the barriers and constraints represented by the control systems.

“The new generations of access control, often dematerialized, now make it possible to automate the management of access which has so far often been tedious (creation of a badge, recovery, management of losses and stocks, etc.)”

Best practices for setting up your access control system

Safety and well-being above all, whether physical or digital.

Before installing contactless solution for hotel and office, it is essential to make all users aware of the issue of the security of their building.
Safety should not be seen as an obstacle or a barrier, but as a lever to feel comfortable in the workplace.

When setting up a security policy linking digital and physical security, it is important to follow a few steps:

  • Regularly check the validity of accesses and renew them automatically
  • Trace only useful data and only when necessary by limiting the history to authorized members and by defining a detailed scope of rights
  • Disseminate GDPR standards and all good practices related to the privacy of all employees and their visitors.
  • It is important to make all employees aware of the data collected: data should only be traced for the purpose of incident management. The company must under no circumstances use this data for purposes other than security.

Make your existing system more than a control

From now on, technology makes it possible to put the user at the heart of the reflections to streamline and improve their customer experience.
The latter should no longer see security and access control as a constraint, but as a real personalized service designed for him.

Security, transparency and user experience have now become the expectations in the face of new access management issues.

Office Contactless Access System stands out thanks to its user-centric innovation:

  • Inform and support the user as soon as an appointment is made by providing him with all the useful information and his physical access
  • Streamline all uses relating to the movement and safety of people
  • The system places data security and privatization at the heart of its concerns: Only authorized persons see the events of their perimeter zones previously defined by the security department.