How to Choose the Right Object for Investment in Luxury Real Estate?

In a period of unstable economic situation, investing in luxury real estate is one of the most reliable ways to raise millions.

Employees of JBE holding Pte. Ltd. talked about what to look for when choosing an object for investment in the elite residential real estate market.

  1. Choose a prestigious area with developed infrastructure, take into account the development prospects of the area.
    When choosing an investment object, the best option would be to stay in a popular area, where a large number of luxury residential complexes are concentrated.

It is also worth considering the prospects for the development of the area in which it is planned to purchase an object for investment. Building a new metro station nearby, as well as expanding or building highways in an area, can significantly impact your bottom line. Often, the development of infrastructure and improved transport accessibility increases the value of real estate, but it must be borne in mind that a highway in the courtyard or a shopping and entertainment centre that disturbs peace is unlikely to play in your favour.

Today, district 27 of Singapore is attracting wealthy Singaporeans with its luxury condos and lavishing residential complexes. The Commodore housing complex located in the Canberra district is well-equipped with modern facilities and latest technologies. The residential building lies in close proximity to reputed schools, hospitals, malls, restaurants and amusement parks. Another luxury condo in Canberra is called The Watergardens @ Canberra. Check out our detailed review of Watergardens here.

According to experts of the real estate market, today the most popular and promising area of ​​the capital is the Canberra. And this title is well deserved, because Canberra district perfectly combines the proximity to the walls of the Sembawang with a favourable ecological environment for the centre of the metropolis.

2. Buy liquid elite apartments

A win-win option would be to purchase a one-room or two-room apartment on the middle or high floor, preferably overlooking natural objects. Often, buying two room condo will be a more profitable and simple investment than buying a second hand home.
Despite the fact that you are not purchasing an apartment for your own residence, pay attention to the functionality of the apartment’s layout, a big plus will be the ability to implement various design projects, as well as the presence of several wet spots.

3. Sell properties below average

It should be understood that buyers, all other things being equal, will give preference to the developer’s sales office when buying luxury real estate in a new building. Therefore, you can interest potential buyers in the first place with a discount. Even if your price is 100-500 thousand rubbles lower than that of the developer, potential buyers will pay attention to your offer. This rule does not apply to exclusive objects, if the offer is unique, you dictate the pricing policy yourself, but you should also take into account the time during which you plan to sell this object (too high cost can delay the process of implementing the object).

According to the experts of JBE developers, today the most interesting and attractive project in terms of potential profit is the Commodore residential complex, which offers deluxe amenities at affordable price. Read more on upcoming The Commodore and book your show flat viewing today!

Choosing the Right Construction Company

Even with redecorating an apartment, professionals do the best. What can experts say about building a house! Moreover, it is much easier for a specialized company, due to experience, to get the entire package of necessary approvals. It will not only easily cope with any type of work, but will also purchase and deliver the necessary materials on its own. The main thing is to choose the right developer so that there are no problems with the timing and quality, and the construction itself does not turn out to be too expensive.

Selection options: what to focus on

  • For a start, it’s a good idea to consult with friends, carefully study advertising offers. If a company seems attractive and solid, it probably has its own website. Having entered it, you can already get acquainted in detail with the prices and types of work performed. Serious organizations do not have sites on free hosting and always indicate the actual addresses and phone numbers of offices.
  • The next step is a phone call. It will allow you to assess the level of politeness and friendliness of employees. If you are asked to meet immediately at the site of the proposed object, it is better to choose a different option.
  • It is necessary to clarify how well a company is competent in this area if its experience is more than three years. Such construction firms have reliable references. Naturally, they have a certificate of admission to construction work. This particular document has now replaced the license. A serious company always draws up a liability insurance policy. All this confirms that the services are provided legally.
  • It is not bad to have a personal look at those objects that are at the stage of unfinished construction in terms of quality and organization of the process – for example, today you can already look at the residential complex Amber Sea. And the refusal to provide such addresses is the basis for the termination of further cooperation. The portfolio of the company, the presence of large customers and business partners (for example, in the supply of building materials), and acquaintance with real reviews will also tell a lot.
  • Then you can start signing the contract. The main thing to be guided by is how clearly the mutual obligations and the level of responsibility of the developer company are spelled out in it, whether the individual needs of the customer are taken into account.

Amber Sea Residential Complex by Far East Organization

Award winning Far East Organization’s latest project Amber Sea residential complex is a dream come true for Singaporean residents. The 19 storey residential complex will have 132 housing units with well-equipped deluxe facilities. The housing project will have 1-bedroom to 5 bedroom penthouse options for future residents. Additional facilities are Cabana, Kid’s pool, function pool, outdoor pods, lawn, lap pool, Jacuzzi, sky diving pavilion, play area and gym etc. The photos of upcoming residential project, Amber Sea official project website Here, you can book your appointment for show flat viewing.