6 Simple Steps To Designing Website With WordPress

You are on a low budget and needed a website quickly there is a way you can do without having to spend a fortune. This post is going to teach how you can design your very own website with WordPress in 6 simple steps.

While some people have complained that using WordPress to create websites is not easy, others have a problem with it limiting creativity. However, we like to state that it is not as difficult as it looks and that we have proven with the few steps highlighted below:

Step 1: The Best Live Sites – A Model For You

It is a norm that people model their lives after others. We learn from successful people, role models, parents, friends etc. Life is full of models in every field of Endeavour. In the case of web design, it is normal to use other sites especially those in your niche as models as models. You can model your site after your chosen site and modify it to bear your very soul. Note that you cannot copy unique items like brand names, logo, brand identity, trademarks and other registered items.Check out their ideas, site outlook and any useful element and use them to your advantage.

Step 2: Establish The Purpose Of The Site

An unplanned site will not deliver the expected results. For instance,a superstore in online trading and stuff will have a different site design compared to a blogger’s website. These two are different and needed different design frameworks. For this purpose, this point is very important and must be taken seriously. Establish the purpose of the siteand construct your site round it.

Step 3: Tool Checklist

When using WordPress to design, there are popular tools you can use such as Photoshop, Google Drive, Dropbox etc. However, the following 3 tools are a very big help for you when embarking on the task:
IcoMoon – with this tool you can create your own fonts. This is good when your logo is generated from a special font. Use this tool to customize your fonts easily without breaking a sweat.

PixelDropr – is a tool for creating different kinds of pixel e.g. icons, buttons, UI kits etc. One good thing about this tool is that after creating the icons or buttons, you can easily use them on other applications like Photoshop, CorelDraw etc.

Unsplash – is one of the best sources of top quality images that has not copyright whatsoever. Photographs from this tool can be used without infringement on other’s copyright or risk of litigation.

Step 4: Build From Scratch Or Modify an Existing Theme

WordPress is user-friendly. You can either create an entirely new site from it or adapt an existing theme from Theme Forest. Modifying an existing theme is more convenient than building from scratch. There are benefits in modifying an existing theme which include getting a lot of tested functionalities. Furthermore, there is support and/or community forum to assist you with issues that might arise. There is a list of theme stores online you can work with such as WordPress Themes, ThemeIsle, Underscores etc.

Step 5: Get Good Plugins

There are catalogs of plugins for your use when creating your site these include WordPress SEO, Contact Form 7, Akismet, WordPress Backup to Dropbox, User Admin Simplifier, Tweet Old Post and Advanced Custom Fields. More on that in our subsequent posts.

Step 6: Add Quality Contents

A good website with a bad content is like a well-garnished meal with bad taste. No matter how presentable the meal looks, the taste will be a huge turnoff. Good contents will attract readership and repeated traffic. The purpose of a site is to attract visitors. A good post is just like the sweet aroma and delicious nectar of a flower which attracts bees for pollination. Therefore, take pains to create your website and extra pains to create good contents for it. Play your cards well, get high-quality contents.


Here you have them six simple steps for you to create your very own site using WordPress. Now is time for you to swing into action. Create! Create!! Create!!!