“Redefine your Living Standards”

Here’s presenting Thiam Siew, which brings to you luxury, class and exclusiveness. Thiam Siew Condo is coming up with fully furnished and fully serviced residences that are designed to inspire and impress. It imbibes luxury, grand interiors and expansive views with best-In class hospitality services. It is more than just an address, actually the representation of a true connoisseur. In proximity to district 15, Thiam Siew pampers you with the best of Singapore. Also, encompass an unparalleled green canvas beyond your imagination.

“The beauty with no boundaries”

You will fall in love with Thiam Siew in just a blink. Within the environs of Thiam Siew palatial homes are exclusively recreational centres, lifestyle facilities, dine-in, fitness facilities, and more. Up to 4 bedrooms are available within 2 sizeable flats. Also has an amazing floor-to-ceiling height which was not offered yet. Thiam Siew is a perfect example of ecstasy wrapped in a luxe bundle clubbed with elegant features to refine your living experience. Comfort and contemporary style is what we have focused on. From the entrance to the bedroom, all will justify the worth of this set-up.

Thiam Siew Price

“Because the location is everything really”

All the popular hotspots of Singapore are just a few minutes away and heaven is just a look away.

  • Make the gym your playroom as we offer a fully-equipped gym.
  • Your wish for speed fulfilled with high-paced elevators
  • Spacious rooms with harmonious comfort
  • Excellent accessibility and connectivity by 10 minutes walk to 2 MRT stations.
  • In the vicinity of Paya Lebar Precinct
  • A wide arrangement of amenities nearby.
  • Located near the traditional streets of Singapore.
  • This freehold condominium has spacious rooms with modern finishing and furniture.

The world is here at Thiam Siew, where are you?

Over 200 housing units are currently available under Thiam Siew. The building perfectly orients to the north-south direction which makes them well lit and ventilated. Moreover, the windows fabricated at the right spots ensure the first rays of the sun enter your space and fill with positivity and good vibes. It is a joint venture by Hoi Huap Realty and Sunway featuring a large drop-off area, gymnasium, swimming pool, pool deck, an open outdoor dining area, circular sculpture, a large screen wall and screen and so much more. The avenue idealizes living be it with your partner or the entire family. Let’s together explore Thiam Siew inside out!

TOP (Termination of Occupation Permit) for Thaim Siew is 2027. Contact us to quote the Thiam Siew price.

“Get ready to step into comfortable and luxury homes because something Big is coming”


Know you are moving to a safe place 

Former English said, “Prevention is better than cure”. This renders it crucial that you glance for aspects beyond the formation when you schedule to purchase a flat in Singapore. You can alter the paint, have the clothes and kitchen performed to your fancy, but shifting the security may not be an alternative, particularly when you schedule to dwell in a gated community. So, keep security a priority. After all, you can’t maintain changing or purchasing a home. It is a big judgment and should implicate proper investigation. Below are a few security spotlights you should check things you must survey before buying an estate.

  • Don’t forget to test the number of lifts and emergency staircase 

Ideally, residential apartments should have at least two or additional lifts in each tower, so that you can depend on at least one lift when the distinct one is not functioning during electricity deteriorations. If you are moving in with an oldster and kids, it comes to be all the additional significance to opt for residential complexes with elevators.

Before purchasing the flat, take into deliberation that in case of hardship, if the lifts don’t function, you have to search if the staircase is helpful to step and has a permit to your floor.

  • Have a grip on security estimates

Flats on lower floors are conventionally deemed risky as intruders frequently glance for easy targets thus making such apartments potentially extra susceptible to break-ins, due to the easier entry to doors and windows pertained to flats on increased levels. If you are ready to buy a flat on the ground floor, one of the significant tips for purchasing a flat is to survey the security configurations in the society or on your floor.

Also, having an understanding of the secrecy and safety gauges taken by the producer should be on your index before purchasing a flat. This comprises surveying CCTV facilities on the floors, along with the balcony space usable in front of your flat. Having enough area outside your flat is significant as corridor size varies in some residence complexes.

  • The Security Guards

You should keep a comprehensive watch on the security guards during each of your visits to the area. On your introductory visit with the creator, you may find the security perfect, but in successive visits, you can conclude if the security guards are fortifying your place. In expansion, you must also survey for the police assurance of the guards deployed in the proximity. If you find a security setback at any given juncture, you must put up with it and have the issue sorted. It must be a portion of stuff to consider before purchasing land to erect a home in a gated community.

  • The Doors, The Windows

Whether you are purchasing a flat or a villa or receiving a plot designed to assure the quality of doors and windows. They should be strong and big ones. If you are not sure and the architect rejects to budge, then glance for other options. The entrances and windows are the keys to your home safety and you should not make any settlement on it. This is a must on your list when you establish a house too. An upcoming condo named Tengah EC offers great security features and holds accountability for every safety parameter of its future residents. The Tengah EC price is nothing in front of the features it is made ready to provide to its inhabitants.

  • Fire Alarm

Security is not prohibited from burglary and robbery. A usable and tested fire alarm is the key here. You should see the fire alarm and explore if a fake test is performed occasionally. Check for these fume detectors and immediately depart from your plot in case a fire breaks out when buying a home.

The Tengah EC price is fixed per the compartments but it is stringent in case of fire alarms and emergency exits in every area so that no resident can find trouble in hard times.

Is Safety Workplace Are Important For Employers?

Nowadays, we read that many accidents occur in different factories, industrious and company. It is a loss to both workers as well as their boss. To avoid these types of accidents, they should properly plan workplace safety and health infrastructure. It is very necessary to ensure the worker’s safety in the working environment. The business owners and managers should be responsible for all promoting workplace safety surrounding. The worker should be encouraged their employees to adopt healthy as well as safety equipment. Their boss should encourage all types of safety programmes as well as policies to their workers; it is designed to reduce the risk factors in the dynamic.

data protection officer hands on training

Regulation of Safety in the Workplace:

Workplace Safety and health regulations are important in all aspects. Maintaining healthy and safest working conditions is a necessary requirement of government regulations. It also makes sense in the business economic reason with plenty of good reason. The basic human desire is to avoid all suffering and pain in workplace accidents; it also destroys all aspects of the business. We have crossed that many workers die in many accidents in their working places. The boss should have safety officers in all business sectors to avoid these problems. The safety officer’s works are to maintain a healthy and secure infrastructure. There are many high monetary costs are attached to workplace accidents. Some of them are

• Insurance claims
• Damaged equipment repair costs
• The wages paid for substitute employs
• Inability to meet the various obligations to their customers
• The disabled workers and wages paid to stick
• Workers compensation claims
• Administrative and recordkeeping costs

All economic goods and humanitarian desires are encouraged for their workers. Hence, preserving and constructing the most uncontroversial and restorative working conditions for coalitions, workers, and instruments have applied pressure for greater efforts.

Role of Data Protection Officers;

The data protection officers are considered the enterprises of all security leadership roles healthy. It also occupies general data protection regulation safely and healthily. The data protection officers hands-on training is very necessary for all business sectors as well as in dynamic. The role of data protection officers is to monitor internal compliance, advises on data protection obligations and information. They ensure the various advices regarding the data protection impact assessments. It is the act for contact points for all subjects data in ICO. The data protection officer is very necessary for all companies, industries as well as factories. All bosses should appoint professional and expert DPO for their inductors to avoid accidents. The data protection officers have core activities with processing sensitive data on a large scale. Their work is to regulate and systematically monitor their workers in a well-planned manner. The DPO has some responsibilities; some of them are

• They serve as the point of contact between the relevant supervisory authority and form company
• They trained employees on GDPR to compliance requirements
• By conducting regular assessment

Therefore the data protection officers are necessary for all factories and industries.

How to Install an Effective Office Contactless Access System?

It is important not to confuse office contactless access with working time control. Access control allows an individual to access a secure area, for the sole purpose of risk prevention, unlike the control of working time, which is more of a human resources issue.

Whatever system is put in place, it should not be used to control movement within the premises.

The objectives of contactless solution for hotel and office are multiple:

  • Control and limit entry to buildings to authorized persons only
  • Protect and secure sensitive or confidential areas
  • Know the occupants of a building in real time in an emergency

Beyond the initial access control function, thanks to its digitization, it is now possible to add value to welcome visitors authorized to enter the specified area during a scheduled meeting.

As physical media are dematerialized, the limits are lifted as to the preparation of access before the appointment for an early and serene visit.
This is where dematerialization takes on its full meaning: the confirmation of an appointment automatically generates the associated accesses without human intervention. This allows visitors to be supported by removing all the barriers and constraints represented by the control systems.

“The new generations of access control, often dematerialized, now make it possible to automate the management of access which has so far often been tedious (creation of a badge, recovery, management of losses and stocks, etc.)”

Best practices for setting up your access control system

Safety and well-being above all, whether physical or digital.

Before installing contactless solution for hotel and office, it is essential to make all users aware of the issue of the security of their building.
Safety should not be seen as an obstacle or a barrier, but as a lever to feel comfortable in the workplace.

When setting up a security policy linking digital and physical security, it is important to follow a few steps:

  • Regularly check the validity of accesses and renew them automatically
  • Trace only useful data and only when necessary by limiting the history to authorized members and by defining a detailed scope of rights
  • Disseminate GDPR standards and all good practices related to the privacy of all employees and their visitors.
  • It is important to make all employees aware of the data collected: data should only be traced for the purpose of incident management. The company must under no circumstances use this data for purposes other than security.

Make your existing system more than a control

From now on, technology makes it possible to put the user at the heart of the reflections to streamline and improve their customer experience.
The latter should no longer see security and access control as a constraint, but as a real personalized service designed for him.

Security, transparency and user experience have now become the expectations in the face of new access management issues.

Office Contactless Access System stands out thanks to its user-centric innovation:

  • Inform and support the user as soon as an appointment is made by providing him with all the useful information and his physical access
  • Streamline all uses relating to the movement and safety of people
  • The system places data security and privatization at the heart of its concerns: Only authorized persons see the events of their perimeter zones previously defined by the security department.

What to expect at Dog’s Training? 

Walking first time into a dog training class can be fraught with nervousness. You never know what to expect, when you never have attended a dog training session. You may also feel embarrassed to take your untrained canine to the class.

The type of class you are going to attend will decide the happenings. But you just need to be prepared for it, as a joyful and interactive learning environment. You dig will surely be benefitted from the training class as your dogs are social animals and of course, without any sort of training they will behave like wild ones only.

What sort of dog training class will you attend? 

It depends upon the age of your pup that which type of training he is going to have.  The dog training in Singapore encompass lessons in the following areas

  • Socialization- A special or general training for shy canines.
  • Manners- This type of training comes in stages. They start from basic then go to intermediate and end with some advanced ones. They generally include commands like stay or sit, responding when called, and walking on a leash.
  • Reactivity
  • Skill certification
  • Competitive skills such as nose work or agility.

Preparing for a dog training class 

Once you have divided the type of class you are going to attend with your furry friend, you must check the curriculum of your training session. Along with that, it will be better if you ask your trainer that what are the things you are supposed to bring to the training. You will be filled up with so many questions in your mind including what all will be taught in the training and how many other dogs are going to be there with yours. And once you are done with the training you must work with your dog to reinforce what he has been taught there. Repetition is important for learning and retaining skills.

What to expect at doggy training? 

If you have opted for a basic dog obedience class then you should prepare to meet the trainer weekly with no gap. The courses usually run from 4 to 8 weeks and they last for one hour. This type of training will help your dog to cover social behavior and training-related topics to curb unwanted behavior like barking, jumping, or tugging on the leash.

Dog Training in Singapore takes pride in training numerous dogs with the appropriate method of teaching. A positive strategy is being incorporated within each type of training, and that’s what makes their lessons the foremost dog training courses in Singapore

The qualified and experienced trainers provide the clients with-

  • – An understanding of how their pets learn
  • – The idea of training the dog by providing a reward and a praise
  • – Give an idea of the insight that how their dogs see the world.
  • – Using the dogs’ natural propensity to boost the overall training experience.

How to Choose the Right Object for Investment in Luxury Real Estate?

In a period of unstable economic situation, investing in luxury real estate is one of the most reliable ways to raise millions.

Employees of JBE holding Pte. Ltd. talked about what to look for when choosing an object for investment in the elite residential real estate market.

  1. Choose a prestigious area with developed infrastructure, take into account the development prospects of the area.
    When choosing an investment object, the best option would be to stay in a popular area, where a large number of luxury residential complexes are concentrated.

It is also worth considering the prospects for the development of the area in which it is planned to purchase an object for investment. Building a new metro station nearby, as well as expanding or building highways in an area, can significantly impact your bottom line. Often, the development of infrastructure and improved transport accessibility increases the value of real estate, but it must be borne in mind that a highway in the courtyard or a shopping and entertainment centre that disturbs peace is unlikely to play in your favour.

Today, district 27 of Singapore is attracting wealthy Singaporeans with its luxury condos and lavishing residential complexes. The Commodore housing complex located in the Canberra district is well-equipped with modern facilities and latest technologies. The residential building lies in close proximity to reputed schools, hospitals, malls, restaurants and amusement parks. Another luxury condo in Canberra is called The Watergardens @ Canberra. Check out our detailed review of Watergardens here.

According to experts of the real estate market, today the most popular and promising area of ​​the capital is the Canberra. And this title is well deserved, because Canberra district perfectly combines the proximity to the walls of the Sembawang with a favourable ecological environment for the centre of the metropolis.

2. Buy liquid elite apartments

A win-win option would be to purchase a one-room or two-room apartment on the middle or high floor, preferably overlooking natural objects. Often, buying two room condo will be a more profitable and simple investment than buying a second hand home.
Despite the fact that you are not purchasing an apartment for your own residence, pay attention to the functionality of the apartment’s layout, a big plus will be the ability to implement various design projects, as well as the presence of several wet spots.

3. Sell properties below average

It should be understood that buyers, all other things being equal, will give preference to the developer’s sales office when buying luxury real estate in a new building. Therefore, you can interest potential buyers in the first place with a discount. Even if your price is 100-500 thousand rubbles lower than that of the developer, potential buyers will pay attention to your offer. This rule does not apply to exclusive objects, if the offer is unique, you dictate the pricing policy yourself, but you should also take into account the time during which you plan to sell this object (too high cost can delay the process of implementing the object).

According to the experts of JBE developers, today the most interesting and attractive project in terms of potential profit is the Commodore residential complex, which offers deluxe amenities at affordable price. Read more on upcoming The Commodore and book your show flat viewing today!

Choosing the Right Construction Company

Even with redecorating an apartment, professionals do the best. What can experts say about building a house! Moreover, it is much easier for a specialized company, due to experience, to get the entire package of necessary approvals. It will not only easily cope with any type of work, but will also purchase and deliver the necessary materials on its own. The main thing is to choose the right developer so that there are no problems with the timing and quality, and the construction itself does not turn out to be too expensive.

Selection options: what to focus on

  • For a start, it’s a good idea to consult with friends, carefully study advertising offers. If a company seems attractive and solid, it probably has its own website. Having entered it, you can already get acquainted in detail with the prices and types of work performed. Serious organizations do not have sites on free hosting and always indicate the actual addresses and phone numbers of offices.
  • The next step is a phone call. It will allow you to assess the level of politeness and friendliness of employees. If you are asked to meet immediately at the site of the proposed object, it is better to choose a different option.
  • It is necessary to clarify how well a company is competent in this area if its experience is more than three years. Such construction firms have reliable references. Naturally, they have a certificate of admission to construction work. This particular document has now replaced the license. A serious company always draws up a liability insurance policy. All this confirms that the services are provided legally.
  • It is not bad to have a personal look at those objects that are at the stage of unfinished construction in terms of quality and organization of the process – for example, today you can already look at the residential complex Amber Sea. And the refusal to provide such addresses is the basis for the termination of further cooperation. The portfolio of the company, the presence of large customers and business partners (for example, in the supply of building materials), and acquaintance with real reviews will also tell a lot.
  • Then you can start signing the contract. The main thing to be guided by is how clearly the mutual obligations and the level of responsibility of the developer company are spelled out in it, whether the individual needs of the customer are taken into account.

Amber Sea Residential Complex by Far East Organization

Award winning Far East Organization’s latest project Amber Sea residential complex is a dream come true for Singaporean residents. The 19 storey residential complex will have 132 housing units with well-equipped deluxe facilities. The housing project will have 1-bedroom to 5 bedroom penthouse options for future residents. Additional facilities are Cabana, Kid’s pool, function pool, outdoor pods, lawn, lap pool, Jacuzzi, sky diving pavilion, play area and gym etc. The photos of upcoming residential project, Amber Sea official project website Here, you can book your appointment for show flat viewing.

The Evolution of the Smartphone Technology

Smartphone have gone on to alter the lives of the masses in a radical way. Earlier people had to work extra to capture an image on their smartphone as in modern times the functions are integrated into a single one. In fact the technology is becoming smarter every day and once you click here for iPhone trade price in Singapore things are bound to become easy.

As per records available nearly half of the population are the proud owners of a smartphone. People in the age bracket of 18 to 24 years were of the opinion that smartphone is an important accessory for them. Just like everything in life a smartphone does have its own set of pros and cons. Let us focus our attention on the positives aspect at this juncture

Instant communication

The evolution of smartphones did take place from the earliest form of communication devices. In fact the main focus is to ensure that people end up communicating with each other in a better way. No way denying the fact that the advent of smart phone was gone on to evolve telecommunications in a major way. Be it SMS or chat people can interact with each other in a fast and concise way.

Web surfing

With the smartphones it becomes easy for the people to surf on the internet. The integration of the devices occurs with the browser of the mobile phones that makes sure you can research the site for any remote corner of the world. Mobile for Sale is a one stop shop to buy mobile phones, as per survey 10 % of the people end up surfing the internet from their mobile phones. In doing so people have a steady access to information.


The present generation is a selfie one where the role of the camera is significant. There is no longer a need for the people to be purchasing a digital camera to click photos or be it videos. More so when people have the craze of posting clicks on their social media profiles.

Once again research indicates that camera quality is the third most important consideration once you are purchasing a smart phone. For this reason the users of smart phones equip the users with well- defined camera sets. Once you click here for iPhone trade price in Singapore things are bound to become easy.


An area where smartphone has gone on to make a definite mark is education. The moment you have access to helpful information with quality content, education is going to become an interactive one. Not only you can watch the favourite videos of your choice but indulge in education apps. If you are looking to search about a topic just surf on the internet.

Productivity apps

With the aid of apps it is possible to achieve everything by the help of smartphones. A testimony to this fact is that there are nearly 2 million apps in the Google play store itself and user on an average goes on to install 36 apps on their smartphone.

Guide on How to Choose the Best iPhone Service Center

iPhones are not cheap devices that anybody can simply buy whenever. In any case, they are extraordinary compared to other electronic devices that one can possess. Much the same as other electronic devices, these smartphones are likewise vulnerable to harm and issues now and again.

Luckily, there are incalculable iPhone repair specialists who can get you out. Be that as it may, picking the best service expert in Singapore can be a serious test and you should recognize what to search for. Here are a couple of contemplations that you should place as a main priority to guarantee that you get the best iPhone repair services.

Research completely

To get the best iPhone repair services, it is significant for you to investigate your alternatives cautiously. You can get the best repair services and specialists by making requests from your companions, partners, coworkers, and even relatives. The majority of these individuals will give you a list of the best repair stores they have utilized and will even enlighten you concerning those you ought to stay away from. You can likewise get names of the best apple service center Singapore via looking through online. With a list of phone repair specialists, you will realize where to begin.

Read online reviews

If you are searching for an iPhone repair shop, you can get heaps of information from the web. Numerous websites give phenomenal user reviews that will assist you in settling on the correct choice. Most people will share both constructive and pessimistic experiences that they experienced with a specific shop. You should focus on the particulars of various reviews. For instance, if a shop has positive reviews about its repairs however is ineffectively appraised for user support, it is smarter to keep away from them.

Ask about warranty

Regardless of how smooth the repair service goes, some iPhones may come back to the repair shop. In this manner, it is imperative to ask from the store about their warranty strategy on the repair service and the parts. Professionals will never raise the warranty issue to a user until they bring back the telephone for different issues after the activity was finished. Warranty strategies will differ significantly starting with one store then onto the next. Most stores will offer 14 to 180 days against negligences or imperfections. It is ideal to go to repair shops that offer longer warranty periods since they are sure about their parts and work and make sure about the iPhone battery replacement cost as it varies.

It is significant for iPhone owners to back their information before taking their devices to the repair store. This is significant because information loss can result from a repair service and you should guarantee that your data is accessible.

All that you need to know about the creation of sitemap.xml

If you want your website to impress the crawlers and if you want your website to get good rankings in the search engines then you cannot ignore sitemap.xml. Creating sitemap.xml is one of the basic SEO services by SEO agency in Singapore for onsite optimization.  This is a visual representation of the website in .xml file. The information is available in Extensible Hyper Text Mark up Language.

How to Create a Sitemap.xml?

The two main ways to create sitemap.xml are 1. Using a sitemap generator and 2. Building a sitemap on your own. Let us look into the details of both the methods.

  1. Using the sitemap generator:

There are applications that help in the creation of sitemap. You first need to select a suitable app. There are free as well as paid apps. You may also check if your CMS platform offers sitemap generation feature. It is important to check if the settings of the app or of the CMS are proper. You may also have to focus on the special options. Like you may have to focus on the mobile aspect or if you have a number of videos on your website then that too needs to be considered.

Next, you have to follow all the instructions that are given. These instructions will be different for different applications. A URL for your sitemap will be provided by the app. You need to add the URL and submit it.

  1. Creating a sitemap.xml on your own:

Now this will involve putting in more efforts but the benefits that you get are worth the efforts. First, the sitemap needs to be created in a text editor. You can get the templates for the framework online. The next step is adding the URLS. In the templates, there will be space to add the URL’s for each page. The links have to be added in <loc> description. The template will have limited space but you can always add relevant content. Next step is customization of the details. This is an optional step but it is always better to follow the same. Labels have to be added to give clear details about each page. In<lastmod> you can enter when the page was last modified or in case of <priority> you can set priorities for the pages based on the importance of the pages. In the case of <changefreq> you can give details about how frequently the page can change.

Now the next step is saving the file properly. This file has to be saved in the .xml format only. The final step is submitting the sitemap to search engines. You will get the URL by uploading it to the webserver. This URL has to be submitted to the search engine through the webmaster tools.

It is important that the crawlers realize that your website is informative and one that gives clear information. It is important to make sure that you have a sitemap.xml page for the same. By following the instructions one can easily create a sitemap.xml on their own without taking the help of a developer.